1510 - In Venice the plague has decimated the city and filled the streets with corpses, Giorgione living under the curfew imposed on all Venetians. But the identity of the female figure in his painting 'The Tempest' provokes a scandal and Giorgione finds himself driven out of his studio into the plague ridden streets.

2020 - As coronavirus deaths increase, the art galleries in London, New York and Venice close and cities are emptied under curfew. But the risk of contagion does not stop crime and Giorgione's famous painting, 'The Tempest,' is stolen.

Then two art dealers are killed in Venice and London, and Gil Eckhart goes on the trail of the murderer. Not only does he have to deal with a mysterious informant who torments him relentlessly, the restrictions imposed by the quarantines and the ruthlessness of the criminals, but also with the ever present threat of infection and death.

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