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Here you will find Cartoon Unicorn coloring page, Rainbow, Disney Princess, My Little Pony, Mermaid, Hello Kitty and friends coloring book, Barbie, and many more.

More than 100,000 online coloring pictures for the whole family. Of course All the coloring sheets are printable and free.

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Rainbow Unicorn Coloring Book

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is coloring page?

A coloring page is a kind of picture sheet with line drawings intended to be colored by children or adults with using crayons, colored pencils, marker pens, paint or other artistic media.

2. What benefits of coloring pages?

1. Relieves stress and reduces anxiety

2. Trains the brain to focus

3. Can Spark Creativity

4. Help you to be Self Aware and Mindful

5. It makes you social

6. Helps sleep better

7. Displaces Negative Emotions

8. Lets you nurture your inner artist

9. It lets you create a world of your own

10. Adult Coloring Pages can be a Form of Meditation

11. Adult Coloring Can be Useful Therapy to some Common Diseases

12. Coloring as an Adult Brings Back Happy Memories of Childhood

13. Adult Coloring Pages Give You an Adult “Time Out”.

3. Is coloring a activity?

Coloring is a physical activity that uses fine motor skills and activates different parts of our brain, much like writing by hand.

4. Where can I get free coloring pages?

You can get coloring pages on our website for free of charge.

5. How to print a coloring page?

1. Enter a search query in search form

2. Click the results that appeals to you

3. You will see an overview of all coloring pages that we have of your choice. Which coloring picture do you like best? Click on button "Download or Print Coloring Sheet" to see it in full size

4. Click on the big red button that says "Print this coloring page", of course you do need a printer!. You can also download the picture by click button "Download this coloring page"

5. Then you will see a window where you can choose your printer and the settings.

6. How to color coloring pages

1. Choose a coloring book that appeals to you

2. Select your coloring utensils

3. Decide what colors you are going to use

4. Choose the best place to begin coloring. We suggest to start from the center

5. Color along the lines first and work your way in.

7. How to create a coloring page?

There are a few ways to make your own coloring sheet. Drawing the images manually. Converting photos or clip art into coloring pages.

a. Drawing the images

Start by selecting a character you want to draw. The easiest way is to search the web for a colored cartoon character. Then you can draw it by ignoring the colors and drawing only the contours (outlines).

b. Converting clip art or photos into coloring pages

You can use a free online photo editor like PicMonkey or Pixlr to turn any clip art or photo into a coloring sheet.

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